Brand Oestrogen Dose Progestogen Dose
MPA - medroxyprogesterone acetate
Oral continuous combined estradiol-progestogen
Angeliq Estradiol 1mg Drospirenone 2mg
Climesse Estradiol 2mg Norethisterone 700µg
Elleste-Duet Conti Estradiol 2mg Norethisterone 1mg
Femoston Conti Estradiol 1mg Dydrogesterone 5mg
Indivina 1/2.5 Estradiol 1mg MPA 2.5mg
Indivina 1/5 Estradiol 1mg MPA 5mg
Indivina 2/5 Estradiol 2mg MPA 5mg
Kliofem Estradiol 2mg Norethisterone 1mg
Kliovance Estradiol 1mg Norethisterone 500µg
Nuvelle Continuous Estradiol 2mg Norethisterone 1mg
Oral cyclical combined estradiol-progestogen
Climagest Estradiol 1mg Norethisterone 1mg
Clinorette Estradiol 2mg Norethisterone 1mg
Cyclo-Progynova Estradiol 2mg Norgestrol 500µg
Elleste Duet 1mg Estradiol 1mg Norethisterone 1mg
Elleste Duet 2mg Estradiol 2mg Norethisterone 1mg
Femoston 1/10 Estradiol 1mg Dydrogesterone 10mg
Femoston 2/10 Estradiol 2mg Dydrogesterone 10mg
Novofem Estradiol 1mg Norethisterone 1mg
Nuvelle Estradiol 2mg Levonorgestrol 75µg
Tridestra Estradiol 2mg MPA 20mg
Trisequens Estradiol 2 & 1mg Norethisterone 1mg
Transdermal continuous combined estradiol-progestogen
Evorel Conti Estradiol 50µg/24hr Norethisterone 170µg/24hr
FemSeven Conti Estradiol 50µg/24hr Levonorgestrol 7µg/24hr
Transdermal cyclical combined estradiol-progestogen
Estracombi Estradiol 50µg/24hr Norethisterone 250µg/24hr
Evorel Sequi Estradiol 50µg/24hr Norethisterone 170µg/24hr
FemSeven Sequi Estradiol 50µg/24hr Levonorgestrol 10µg/24hr
Oral continuous conjugated oestrogen-progestogen
Premique Low Dose Conjugated 300µg MPA 1.5mg
Premique Conjugated 625µg MPA 5mg
Oral cyclical conjugated oestrogen-progestogen
Premique Cycle Conjugated 625µg MPA 10mg
Prempak C Conjugated 625µg Norgestrol 150µg
Prempak C 1.25 Conjugated 1.25mg Norgestrol 150µg
Oral continuous conjugated oestrogen only
Premarin Conjugated 300µg-1.25mg
Oral continuous estradiol only
Bedol Estradiol 2mg
Climaval Estradiol 1-2mg
Elleste-Solo Estradiol 1-2mg
Progynova Estradiol 1-2mg
Zumenon Estradiol 1-2mg
Transdermal patches continuous estradiol only
Elleste-Solo MX Estradiol 40-80µg/24hr
Estraderm MX Estradiol 25-100µg/24hr
Estraderm TTS Estradiol 25-100µg/24hr
Estradot Estradiol 25-100µg/24hr
Evorel Estradiol 25-100µg/24hr
Fematrix Estradiol 40-80µg/24hr
FemSeven Estradiol 50-100µg/24hr
Progynova TS Estradiol 50-100µg/24hr
Transdermal gel continuous estradiol only
Oestrogel Estradiol 1.5mg
Sandrena Estradiol 0.5-1mg
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